A team that is deeply relaxed is more productive and communicates better

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Need a meditation speaker at your company?

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Most people are new to meditation or don’t practice it

Wouldn't it be nice to have someone come to your office space, give your team a little insight and education about meditation? Then follow that with a meditation session/walk-through? 

Hire an expert. 

Learn how to...

  • de-stress

  • get a mid-day energy boost so you're not falling asleep 

  • discover how calming everyone's mind creates a natural team bonding experience

All while sitting comfortably in chairs.

This is for any sized company, whether doing well--or just holding on. With a fee so affordable as your company's determines it. So there's nothing to worry about.

Connect with us to see how we can assist your team, in person or virtually.

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Hire a meditation expert

Have a deeply relaxed, honest team

I draw upon the training of my monk years (different than Buddhist) to teach people how to expand awareness past the confines of their thoughts into the space of consciousness... and do so in a clear, jargon-free way.  This has many knock-on benefits, which I'll address in a moment.

I've taught this type of introduction to meditation before at companies large and small, a breast cancer support group, a 5th grade school class, even  a local restaurant , for example.  All events have always been well-received. 

I understand that maybe there are a few people who were burned in the past from meditation.  I understand this and work very gently to undo those mis-steps and include everyone.

Ideally, our session is about an hour long, although it can be adapted to fit your requirements. 

I interact with the participants; talk about their needs and concerns; illustrate the mind-body connection; and then lead a non-obvious way to meditate with experiments, refinement and feedback. 

By the end, they will feel noticeably relaxed and lighter from the weight of their thoughts.  They will know how to expand awareness into the one mind we all share, and just as importantly, be clear about what that experience is.

From my background, I have a different way of approaching meditation that is more contemporary and palatable than most people expect. Maybe it's better to say what it is  not ...

  • It's not about the breath, chakras, mantras, mala beads, energy, nor colors. 

  • There's no sitting on the floor, no postures, no esoteric terms, no visualizations, or gurus.

  • And there's no controlling the mind, no focusing, no manipulating energy, no dependency upon a teacher, nor a plethora of techniques to master.

So for your colleagues who are needing to to de-stress, or get to sleep, or clear their minds, this is a practical mini-education.  My guideline is to keep it easy, clear, gentle and friendly. 

Specifically for managers' needs, it fosters team bonding because  A team that is deeply relaxed is more productive and communicates better .

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